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About Good Things

Good Things was started in 1994. At that time we had an antique store called The Old Vogue Shop. People brought their antiques and collectibles to us but they wanted us to have a place for their newer "Good Things" to sell for them. There were auction houses and secondhand stores available but no place that consistently sold only good quality items that were beautifully merchandised. In essence, that is how we came to create "Good Things." All we had to do was celebrate and display the great pieces our customers brought us. For some years we advertised but as we became very busy we simply relied on word of mouth. Sometimes we call the shop "Victoria's best kept secret." People constantly come in for the 1st time and ask when we opened and we say, over 20 years ago. We started small and expanded several times as space became available. Now we say we have been "finding new homes for 'good things' since 1994."

We are profoundly grateful for the community we are part of and welcome you to drop in. Seeing is believing and once you see the "busiest store in town" you will believe us. It is an old style, loving and loved retail store. We are all absolutely dedicated to re-using and re-celebrating useful, unusual and lovely objects. Everything from Grandma's rhinestones to Le Creuset pots & pans. Books to toys. Art to antiques. Vintage kitchen to Crown Derby china.

60 days to sell, so prices are irresistible.

People say the shop is addictive because every day we put out 100s of new items and no one wants to miss what they might need or simply desire. We all say, "go ahead you deserve it."

Drop in and experience "Good Things," you will be happy you found us. All goods consigned at 50/50. Prices based on research, experience and mutual agreement. Our appreciation to the consignors & the purchasers is heartfelt. Our staff are wonderful and knowledgeable.

Shopping Days and Times

7 Days per week

10:00 am to 5:30 pm


Tuesday to Saturday only

11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Consignment Procedures

Quality Guidelines

Payouts & Returns


2 month contract

Consignor receives 50% of selling price

2 payouts per contract

Contact Us


104 - 1841 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria BC  V8R 1C4


+1 (250) 598-9393